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Through the Northeast Career Tech-Afton we have set the schedule for this coming Spring classes. Call 918-257-8324 to schedule or go to

We have these classes at the Patricia Island Golf Club and we have indoor facilities if the weather is bad.

Class sizes are limited to 15.

Basic Class (Beginner’s welcome)

Monday 6 to 8 pm for next 3 Mondays (3/16, 23, 30)

Tuesday 6 to 8 pm for next 3 Tuesdays (3/17, 24, 31)

Intermediate Class (Basic continued)

Monday 6 to 8 pm for next 3 Mondays (4/13, 20, 27)

Tuesday 6 to 8 pm for next 3 Tuesdays (4/14, 21, 28)


After nine months, we will finally get to see Tiger Tee it up for the first time in a tournament since his Monday playoff victory at the U.S. Open last June.

Rumors that had Tiger returning for next weekend’s Accenture Match Play Championship proved on the money. He’ll play in the marquee event of one of his biggest sponsors, which has to delight the Accenture folks to no end.

The match-play format is a potentially risky one for Tiger; he faces the possibility of playing two straight 36-hole days if he stays in the hunt. And is there anybody out there who really thinks he won’t? But the Accenture also won’t put the same grinding stresses on his knees that a normal tournament might, especially if he starts putting guys away with four holes left to go. We’ve only heard positive news about his practice regimen — of course, it’s not like we’d hear how bad Tiger is screwing up; Lou Holtz isn’t his swing coach — and at last we’ll get to see how well the guy handles the most anticipated return to sports since Michael Jordan’s first un-retirement.

So what does Woods’ return mean for golf as a whole? Simple, for the next two weeks, golf will be the most important sport on the planet. Everybody will be predicting, prognosticating, speculating and wild-guessing about Woods’ potential for success. No more buried tournament results; golf will be topping the sports pages and leading the broadcasts. Only one thing is going through everybody’s minds now: vacation is over. Golfers do not have any margin for error to begin with, but once Tiger returns to the field, you can count on more than a few glances at the leaderboard every weekend.

So, yes, everybody, exhale. Tiger is coming back, and all is once again right in the golf world.

PRO REPORT                                                                                                PGA: Northern Trust Open, Phil Mickelson went from a four-shot lead at the start of the final round to a two-shot deficit with three holes to play. Determined not to get another title get away from him at Riviera, he hit 9-iron to 5 feet behind the hole for birdie on the par-3 16th, hit his biggest drive of the round on the par-5 17th to set up a two-putt birdie from 70 feet, then he buried his demons on the 18th hole by making a 6-foot par to avoid a playoff with Steve Stricker. At the Riviera CountrClub,  Pacific Palisades, California

 Mickelson closed with a 1-over 72 to become only the fourth player to win in consecutive years at Riviera. It might have been three in a row if not for his sloppy bogey on the 18th hole two years ago, when he wound up losing in a playoff. “I’ll take a lot out of this,” Mickelson said. “To make par on 18 when two years ago I didn’t, that meant a lot to me.”

Mark your calendars for Pro Tournament schedule:

Feb 25-Mar 1 WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship; Feb 25-Mar 1 Mayakoba Golf Classic at Riviera; Mar 5-8 Honda Classic; Mar 12-15 WGC-Ca Championship; Mar 12-15 Puerto Rico Open; Mar 19-22 Transitions Championship; Mar 26-29 Arnold Palmer Inv.


Have your playing partner(s) watch your lead foot heel during your back swing. If it is coming up or off of the ground any at all, it is too much. Keep both heels on the ground during your swing. Knees must remain flexed.


An oldie and long but well worth it…..

There was a good man named Bill who died and appeared before St. Peter at the Holy Gates. St. Peter checks out his books and discovers that there is a problem. He says that there is no clear answer in the books on where the man is supposed to go, Heaven or Hell. He suggests that the man should go to Hell and check it out, so that he may make the decision himself. If he didn’t like what he saw there, he could come back to Heaven. Well, this man had only one true vice while he was alive. It seems he had an uncontrollable desire to play golf at any opportunity. He had traveled the world playing all the famous golf courses. When the man arrived in Hell, Satan welcomed him, but he too was surprised at the man’s situation. He had assumed that since the question about the man’s ultimate destination wasn’t clear, the man would go to Heaven.

Behind Satan, Bill could see the most beautiful golf course ever built. It had beautiful trees, blue ponds, water separating the fairways, and almost everything in a golf course a golfer could ever wish for in life. Bill fell in love with at first site, and he couldn’t control himself. He just had to play a round. The devil showed him a solid gold electric golf cart, a perfect leather bag— soft and supple yet strong like iron, and a brand new set of Big Bertha clubs. Satan reached into his pocket and presented the man with a Golden Tee. The devil then said that only members could play. The man couldn’t control himself. He just had to play there. Bill returns to Heaven and tells St. Peter that he has decided to stay in Hell so he could play on the Beautiful Golf Course there. When the man returns to Hell, he approaches Satan and asks for a tee time. The devil says that anytime at all, the man could play. No one else uses the course. Chuckling with glee, the man approaches the first tee. He gets out of his beautiful golf cart, reaches for his perfectly matched clubs and selects his driver. He then reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out his Golden Tee, then frantically searches everywhere for a ball. Satan comes up and the Bill asks him for a ball.

“That’s the Hell of it,” says Satan.

Keep it in the Middle!