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If so, please read this… GRAND LAKE GOLF SCHOOL is now the official “Fitter” for in this area. This is a new fitting system in which we can measure instantaneously if you have the right frequency shafts in your clubs. The inventor and developer proved to me that 60% of all golfers are playing with the wrong shaft frequency. Simplified, this just means you either get the club face square back to the ball naturally or by force. Naturally is of course best. We offer a fitting and swing lesson for $50; If you replace and order your shafts at $45 each including grip, we credit the $50 to your purchase. Or, ask us about our demo plan. Call Steve at 918-257-4967.


 (A special thanks to Randy Warren, Director of Golf at Patricia Island for these reports.)

GROVE ROTARY TOURNAMENT – Flight A: 1st Place: $400 Team; Plus 4 rounds at Eagle Creek- Otis Winters, Richard Lippitt, Rick Miller, Ron Tipton -56; 2nd Place 4 Rounds of Golf at Eagle Creek- Andy Stewart, Dustin Able, Lendall Bass, Jamie Perryman -57; 3rd Place: 4 Rounds of Golf at The Coves- Darrel Johnson, Troy Thompson, Kevin Thompson, Gaylen Reynolds -60. Flight B: 1st Place: $400 Team plus 4 Rounds at Patricia Island- Dustin Matthews, Mark Lee, Joe Ferguson, Chris Hill -63 2nd Place 4 Rounds of Golf at Patricia Island- Ron Lay, Duane Lietzke, Owen Breedlove, Bill Goodwin -63. 3rd Place: 4 Rounds of Golf at ShangriLa- Jordon Cash, Jeff Dozier, KJ Little, Wes McCain -65. Hole Prizes: Hole #1: Senior Long Drive IN fairway AGE 55 and Over-Otis Winters; Hole #4 Closest to Pin- Owen Breedlove,  Hole #7 Closest to Pin- Richard Lippitt; Hole #8 Ladies Long Drive in Fairway-  Kathy Miller; Hole #11 Ladies Closest to Pin-  Kathy Miller; Hole #15  Long Drive in Fairway-  William Walker; Hole # 16 Closest to Pin- Bruce Johnson; Hole #18  Long Drive in Fairway-  Dustin Able. Several of the teams donated their winnings back to The Rotary.

Patricia Island Estates and Golf Club hosted the 11th Annual Eastern Shawnee Tribe Golf Tournament on Saturday, September 18, 2010.  Two hundred and eighty eight (288) golfers competed in a four person scramble format in two sessions.  The weather and Mother Nature cooperated and enabled the two sessions to complete 18 holes of golf starting at 8 AM and concluding at 8PM.  Lunch and beverages were served on the course.  Special thanks goes to Lea Elliot of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe in organizing this annual event, and kudos to Ed Covey of Bordertown Casino who assisted.  Patricia Island Golf Club General Manager, Andy Stewart, and Director of Golf Randy Warren were elated with the golf tournament and the players.  “We could not ask for a better group of golfers”. Results: morning session awards: a flight winners first place team: F. Vaught, D. Ashe, K. Sedberry, M. Armstrong- 53; second place team: F. Black, S. Gonzoles, J. Bardenas, M. Cervin, 54. Third place team: M. Deihl, J. Deihl, S. Churnn, R. Grace-56. B flight winners: first place team: A. Easley, M. Bruder, B. Bruder, B. Baughn-59 (card off); second place team: D. Smith, K. Smith, M. Smith, B. Czaja; third place team, G. Davis, E. Clifton, D. Davis, D. Carrol- 59 (card off); C flight winners: first place: J. Greing, J. Greing, D. Sharpe, J. Panter- 63 (card off). Second place: M. Marlin, S. Gran, B. Wells, S. Pyle-63 (card off); third place: R. Buck, F. Fracks, R. Prideaus, S. Harryman-63 (card off). Special hole winners: men long drive in fairway, hole no. 1-Keith Sedberry; women long drive in fairway, hole no. 1- Amanda Easley; longest putt, hole no. 2-Doug Lankford; closest to pin, hole no. 3- Julie Deihl; longest putt, hole no 4- Karen Brashears; women close to line, hole no. 5-Brenda Dandy. Men close to line, hole no. 5- Glen Conway; longest putt, hole no. 6, Robert Grace; closest to pit, hole no. 7- Doug Carroll; longest putt, hole no. 8- John Klute; longest putt, hole no. 9- Terry Rairdon; longest putt, hole no. 10- Wes Rothore; closest to pin, hole no. 11- Brian Daugherty; longest putt, hole no. 12- Jamie Maryman; longest drive in fairway women, hole no. 13- Tina Reading; longest drive in fairway men, hole no. 13- Freddie Vaughn; longest putt, hole no. 14- Rick Prideaux; longest putt, hole no. 15- David Davis; closest to pin, hole no. 16- dean Collins; longest putt, hole no. 17- Cody  Lowery; men longest drive in fairway, hole no. 18-  Jim Edds; women longest drive in fairway, hole no. 18- Jamie Rains.

Evening session awards: a flight winners: first place team: D. Webber, J. Eads, Spellman, M. Dryer- 50; second place team: A. Morey, M. Dewey, D. Collins, B. Smyth- 53; third place team: M. Deihl, J. Deihl. S. Chunn, R. Grace- 57. B flight winners: first place team: J. Church, T. Joe, C. Vulgamore, T. Smortwood- 61 (card off). B flight: second place team: D. Blazer, M. Walker, B. Able, M. Edwards- 61 (card off), third place team: L. Bough, S. Blades, B. Hamm, N. Ash- 61 (card off), C flight winners: first place: M. Matney, R. Beydler, C. Beydler, M. Hallett- 66 (card off). Second place: R. Mcwalters, K. Mcwalters, B. Wells, S. Pyle- 66 (card off). Third place: B. Sellers, E. Haddock, R. Heuvie, Dennis- 66 (card off). October 3rd:  (Sept 27 entry deadline) -The GRAND LAKE CASINO AND PATRICIA ISLAND GOLF CLUB are having their BIG golf tournament again. The tournament benefits GEFFE, Grand Lake Family YMCA and Turkey Ford School; over $100,000 in prize opportunities. The public is invited to participate. Entry is only $125 per player and includes Green Fee (Entry), Cart, Lunch, Blackjack Tourney fee. The date is October 3rd with a shotgun start at 10 am. The Card part of the tournament begins 1 hour after the last golf team finishes at the Grand Lake Casino. Please note that the ENTRY DEADLINE is Friday, September 27th by 5 pm.


This may be the simplest tip that I have ever given: NARROW YOUR FEET (stance).

This will automatically reduce lateral movement. In fact, a great drill is to hit practice shots with your heels together. You will start feeling how calm it makes your lateral motion; the less the better.

Steve Pace is a certified golf instructor at Grove's Patricia Island Golf Club. You can reach Steve with any golf news at 918-257-4967 or at