Ivan Martin

After 40 years fishing on Grand Lake you would think that I would be a little smarter when it comes to fish.

Six years ago the crappie fishing on Grand was as good as it gets.

Everyone was catching a lot of big crappie. Then as a lot of you know, the fishing just went terrible. It has been hard to catch crappie. A guy might have a rare good day or someone might have a secret hole that he could do good at but overall it has been tough.

I am going to make a statement that I will probably regret but I think that the crappie fishing is back!! Maybe not to what is has been in the past but it is pretty good right now. I have been hearing a lot of good stories.

I just got back from fishing down from a long trip and the weather finally let me yesterday to check out the crappie fishing for myself. I fished about 3 hours and caught about 50 fish with 25 to 30 over 10 inches. Where have these fish been the last few years? We have not had very much evidence of good spawn but there were crappie everywhere I stopped. I was throwing Bobby Garland slab slayers on a jig head around boat docks. I did not stay anywhere very long even if I was catching them as I was trying to find as many places as possible to catch them. They were biting just about every dock I boated up to in my new Ranger bass boat.

Have the crappie been in the lake the whole time and we just could not find them? It seems as if they have just magically appeared again.

It is close to Christmas and if anyone wants a guide trip gift certificate for that special fisherman in the family we have them.

Last week our bass trips in Mexico were catching as many as 100 bass per boat. We have some rooms for you to go in February if you would like.

If you have put up your crappie pole because of the bad fishing we have had the last few years maybe it time to put new line on it.

See you on the lake.