Steve Pace

If you have any information or news about golf please let me know at 918-257-4967 or email me at We’d like to hear about “Hole-in-Ones” or even “Eagles” and especially “Double Eagles”. Let us know if you shoot your age. That is good news. Any golf news is always good news


As most of you know, my 38 year old son Blake has been going through a very challenging medical situation. He has a tough road ahead but he has always been tenacious as hell and I have high hopes for him. He is no longer in ICU and has been moved to a more regular room. His surgery was so radical that we weren’t sure that he would get past it, but he has and I am very thankful for that this Thanksgiving. I am thankful that his mother Janice is so strong and comforting to Blake. I am also thankful for my wife “G” who has really helped me and supported me during this time. She is the epitome of a perfect spouse. I struggle at trying to keep things equal, but it’s the effort that counts the most anyway. I am thankful for my many friends that have been sincerely supportive. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and let’s pray for peace in the world, including our own neighborhoods.  


Tiger crash drama is unfolding. By the time you read this I am sure that we will know more details. Right now, everyone is asking why he was up and out and 2:30 am.


Baby, it’s cold outside. If you go play, dress well and appropriately.


One of my old favorites:

Golfer: "Are there golf courses in Heaven?"

Fortune Teller: "I have good news, and I have bad news…"

Golfer: "What's the good news?"

Fortune Teller: "The good news is that Heaven's golf courses are beautiful beyond anything you could imagine!"

Golfer: "How could there be any bad news with that?"

Fortune Teller: "You have a tee-time at 8:30 tomorrow morning."