The Jay cheerleading squad recently qualified for the 4A state tournament. In the photo from left to right floor: Austin Graham, Izack Wilson, Levi Longan, Bronson Higgins. 1st row: Maranda Beal, Kailey Weaver, Selena Vang, Jailen Scott, Delaney Vaugn, Haley Strain, Emily Tuder, Jacey Honawa, Charli Stoots. 2nd row: Creed Littlefield, Frankie Smith, Katie Loomis, BayLeigh Deleon, Anna Davenport, Deidrah Sparks, Karlee Payton, Samantha Holt, Ashley Wilkes, Jessica Robinett, Halie Bowman, Keeta King (not pictured). Back: Coach Tammy Wakeland, Assistant Coach Kelly Evans (not pictured). Competition Coaches: John On-The-Hill, Dustin Holland.