David Reeder

Special to the Grove Sun

KANSAS-As most folks know by now, Coach Jon Hanna has retired from coaching football.  But what a lot of people don’t know, is that Hanna is still coaching…only in another arena.  And just like in the past he’s heading up another winning program, as the Lady Comet Power Lifting Team returned from the AAU Teen Nationals in Sapulpa with a bevy of national records and accolades.

Seven of the Kansas Lady Lifters came home with a first place title, prompting Coach Hanna to confide, “This is really all I do now, in the way of coaching.  And I’ve got to tell you, I live for it.  This is a fantastic group to work with.”

Heading up the Comet hardware recipients is Haley Byrd. Not only did the junior powerhouse win her weight class, she also won the outstanding squat, dead lift and total lift categories, in addition to the prestigious ’Outstanding Lifter Award‘.

 Joining Byrd on the winners’ platform were fellow 11th graders Barb Helton, Taylor Goedecke and Kyrston Dozier.  Helton won her weight class with a 750lb., total, while Dozier set a national record in the Women’s 16-17 year old division, 114lb., and under category, with a bench press of 120lb.

Participating in the 97lb., and under category, Goedecke set national records in both the bench and dead lift events with lifts of 100 and 255lbs., respectively. The petite junior was also named the ’Outstanding Dead Lifter. ’ 

Eighth grader Kinsay Hayes claimed the 114lb and under title, in the Women’s 12-13 year old division with a lift total of 500lbs.  McKinzie Armbrister, also in 8th grade, brought home the 105lb., and under title with a 375lb., total lift.  And 7th grader, Kylee Russell blew away her weight category, in the 12-13 year old division, with a total of 590lbs..

The Lady Comet Power Lifting Team meets with Coach Hanna twice a week. As well as working with this group, Hanna works closely with Steve and Phil Odle in strength and conditioning for the State Champion Kansas Lady Comet Basketball Team.