Richard Stroud

Grove Sun

July is typically a dead zone in the world of sports. With the NBA and the World Cup now finished, and the baseball playoffs and NFL still seemingly far, far away, there are plenty of blank spaces in the sports sections of newspapers around the country.

So it is here at the Grove Sun where, like most of the newspapers around the state, we rely on our high school sports teams for most of our content. And now that most summer leagues are coming to an end and all local camps have been completed, the hottest month of the year now becomes the most boring.

The local summer baseball league, the Three Rivers Conference, held its season-ending tournament last week in Jay. The host Bulldogs showed a remarkable amount of moxie, overcoming deficits in all three of their wins, not to mention a rain delay or two, to take the title. Congratulations to Coach Moore and his boys for showing a lot of fight when other teams looked ready to pack it in for the summer.

Just when it looked like the distance to August, when the local football teams will begin practicing and county softball girls will hit the diamonds got a little shorter for me yesterday.

Thatís when an email from Grove head football coach Dennis Millican popped up in my inbox. Attached were several pages of useful and important information for the upcoming season. The most important piece of information, at least to me, was the fact that the first football practice is scheduled for August 10.

Thatís less than a month away. Twenty-five days, for those of you scoring at home. Special thanks to Coach Millican and his staff for the information packet. Not everyone Iíve come into contact with in this business is so helpful, and it is appreciated.

It all reminds me of the song from Annie about tomorrow being a day away. I wonít print the rest of it here; youíve got it stuck in your head now anyway. When itís still stuck in your head at nine oíclock tonight, you can thank me for it.

Not that we wonít have anything in the sports section over the next month. Weíre working on several stories of the kind that we just canít get to during the rest of the year. Hopefully these stories will veer a little off the beaten sports path and keep you entertained until next month. Weíll also have coverage of our local athletes as they compete in the All-State Games in Tulsa at the end of the month.

By the way, you can always send us sports items to Fish pictures would be especially relevant at this time of year. Just be sure to include all the necessary information regarding names, dates, places, size, etc. That should be enough to keep us all entertained until August.

After all, itís only a month away.