Last Sunday is a day I wonít soon forget. I made the trek once again to the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field for the NFC Championship game between the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers.

First off, I have to thank Travis Loftus and Gameday Sports Marketing in Green Bay for giving me the opportunity to attend the playoff games.

It was quite an experience leading up to kick off on Sunday afternoon as everywhere we went was green and gold.

The game didnít go the way the record setting crowd at Lambeau had hoped, but it still was a great experience to attend a game of that magnitude. I was shocked to see Eli Manning shred the Packer defense the way that he did. I thought going into the game that Al Harris and Charles Woodson would have a strong game against the Giant receivers and the young quarterback.

That wasnít the case and it should set up an interesting Super Bowl as it is Manning vs. Brady in an rematch of the Week 17 battle.

The only thing I would change from the game is the weather. It went down as the third coldest game in the National Football League history and you could feel it through the several layers of clothing at the game.

Before the game, I figured, that the weather would be a big factor in the outcome. However, it didnít hurt the passing game at all as the Giants had success through the air.

All-in-all. The trips to Green Bay will be something I wonít soon forget and look forward to the opportunity of heading back in the future.

For the Super Bowl, I expect the Patriots will complete the perfect season and win the Super Bowl over the New York Giants.

I think the Patriots have too many weapons on offense and have a strong enough defense to stop the Giants. It will be interesting to see if Manning can continue his solid play. If he is able to do that, the Giants have a strong shot at the upset. I donít see that happening on Super Bowl Sunday.