Guy Ellis

Rob Chubb, of Grove, and his son Tyler have qualified for the 2009 Buckmasters Indoor World Championship archery shoot to be held this August in Montgomery, AL.

The duo traveled to Montgomery in mid-March to compete in one of two qualifying events for the World Championship and secured their spots, each notching a top-24 finish. Only the top 24 from each qualifying event can advance to the World Championship meet.

“It was a really nerve-wracking experience,” Rob Chubb said about the qualifying competition. “There were times when the arrow was shaking on the bow.”

The competition pits the archers against each other in an indoor range and features moving targets of varying point values. The participants come to the shooting line one at a time in an attempt to advance to the next round of the five-stage event.

“The range of your target can be anywhere from zero to 60 yards,” Chubb said. “The targets are whitetail deer with a sensor pad attached. You have to hit the sensor pad to score points and the pad is six by six inches.

“You only have a few seconds to make the shot,” Chubb continued. “One target may be up for eight seconds, the next one might be up for 15 seconds.”

Although a target could pop-up anywhere on the range most were of the longer variety.

“The average shot was probably 50 to 55 yards,” Chubb said. “That’s a long ways to hit something that is six inches by six inches.”

Chubb recalled that the most difficult target was one that traveled on a rail across the width of the range.

“It was about 55 yards out and moving,” Chubb said. “That target was the toughest one and worth the most points. Surprisingly, Tyler and I drilled it the first time up.”

To compete in the qualifying round was the realization of a two-year quest for the Grove archers. Their appearance in the World Championship will mark the first time that competitors from the state of Oklahoma will participate.

“We got a good compliment from one of the tournament directors,” Chubb said. “He told us that it was amazing that we were able to qualify on our first try.”

At the qualifying meet the Grove pair learned more than a few lessons that they will apply to the World Championships.

“We shoot Hoyt bows,” Chubb said. “We brought a hunting-type set up down there. We got down there and saw that a lot of the guys were using equipment that was specialized for indoor shooting.

“When we go to the World Championship we’ll up our ante and have that same kind of equipment and accessories,” Chubb said.

The World Championship meet will be held August 14, 15, and 16 in Montgomery and will be televised on the Outdoor Life Channel. The competition coincides with the Buckmasters World Expo market and is expected to draw crowds in excess of 30,000 people.

“We’ll have to learn to keep our nerves,” Chubb said of the upcoming event. “Getting past the pressure is the hardest part.”