As another summer rolls around and that also means summer sports camps.

Colcord’s Summer Pride sports camps launched on May 20 to a great turnout of kids wanting to improve their skills.

Basketball, football and weight lifting were the offerings, with next year’s seniors helping out the younger players.

Coach Jarrod Earp, Coach Austin Martin and new girls’ basketball Coach Miguel Ortiz all were present for the Summer Pride.

Summer Pride offered separate weight lifting for boys and the girls.

The girls had their own weight lifting room, which they utilized following their basketball practice.

The boys lifted weights and then went to practice basketball, while others joined football teammates throwing the pigskin around.

Twenty five boys and twelve girls participated in weight lifting.

Girls’ basketball practice was divided between junior high and high school with 30 girls present.

The boys were split the same way with 30 boys out to hone their skills.

The loose football workout saw 45 boys practice among themselves as they threw and caught the ball, again next year’s seniors directing.

With the turnout, excitement and skills demonstrated by the boys and girls, the coaches are optimistic about how the teams will do next year as the “pipeline” look bright.