The Kansas Comets continue to add to the win column as they handily defeated the #10 ranked Salina Wildcats in a home game on April 16.

Rowdy Blackbird #28 pitched a shutout while the Comets’ defense took care of business in the outfield and infield, catching any hits nor letting any runners get home, to score.

The first three innings was a standoff between the two pitchers as neither team could bring in a run.

In the first inning, the Wildcats were able to get two singles, moving the first runner to second, but that was as far as he could get, before three outs ended the inning for them.

As the Comets came to the plate, Daris Glass #5 lost his race to first, Chance Kolysko #2 struck out and then Jermiah Harmon #6 hit a low fly ball which was caught. First inning ended zero to zero.

Second inning went three and out for Salina, but it was three and out for Kansas, also, with Kobe Teague #27, Easton Wiggins #12 and Blackbird each striking out. Second inning zero to zero.

Third inning began to look a little brighter for the Wildcats as they were able to get runners on second and third, threatening home plate, but Blackbird struck out the batter who was to bring in the runs.

However, the Comets closed out the bottom of the third with three up and three down: Jermey Verrette #22, Caleb Reding #3 and Tyler Seay #20, all three went down with strike outs. Still zero to zero.

The Wildcats went three and out, again, in the top of the fourth, but the Comets made their first move.

Glass was walked, Kolysko struck out as did Harmon, but Teague hit a deep single, enabling Glass to kick in his wheels to run from first base all the way to home plate, for Kansas’ first run.

Wiggins nailed a single, but Blackbird was struck out, stranding two Comets on base, ended the fourth inning Comets 1, Wildcats 0.

Salina began the fifth inning with a pop fly that was caught, then a strike out, hit two single and the final strikeout left their two runners on base.

As the Comets came to bat in the fifth, Salina decided to switch pitchers.

The Comets then decided to show how it should be done, as they took over the bats.

Verrette was walked, Reding did a perfect bunt, but a Wildcat over throw let him get to second which got him to first and Verrette all the way around to score.

Seay hit a deep fly ball which was caught, Glass slammed for a double and Kolysko was walked, resulted in loaded bases.

Harmon was walked, bringing in the next run, Teague singled bringing a run, Wiggins struck out and then Blackbird’s single created another RBI. The inning ended with Verrette striking out, but with the score Comets 5, Wildcats 0.

The sixth inning didn’t see Salina gets any runs, but Kansas added three more runs to close out the game and the final score; Kansas 8, Salina 0.

Coach Austin Graham excitedly said “It was the best win of the season!”

He went to say “Rowdy was locked in and all three of his pitches was working…and we needed it Tuesday against the #10 Salina Wildcats!”

As the Comets close out the regular season, they have one away game at Wyandotte and three home games against: Wagoner, Keys and Stilwell.

Kansas’ win percentage has been 75% and Wyandotte’s is 58%, while Wagoner comes in at 30%, Keys at 20% and Stilwell has an 83% win record.

Graham observed “If our team can be that focused every game, we have a chance to win every game we play…”