The Grove Ridgerunners honored their senior class following their varsity win over the Northwest Arkansas Hornets on Friday, April 19.

Head coach Donny Pennington wrote the seniors a personal note which was read aloud over the speakers for them to hear. In the note, Pennington thanked them for their effort, time, and friendship as he has had the honor of helping them grow into young men. Pennington thanked their families for the hard work and allowing him to work with their young men. Coach Pennington promised to always be there if they need it and to help them in anyway that he can as they continue in their journeys of life.

Senior Case Marsh was able to start the game for the Ridgerunners on the mound. Marsh went three innings earning the win. Marsh gave up just two hits and two walks while striking out three and did not allow a run.

Senior Toby Cearley started in his customary center field for the Ridgerunners. Cearley hit first and had three hits. Cearley scored three runs, drove in three runs, and walked once.

Senior Zane Knox started at shortstop. Knox had two hits, three runs batter in, and scored one run. Knox also walked.

Senior Jack Gentry started behind the plate and hit third. Gentry had two hits and one run batted in.

Chat Hayes started at first base. Hayes had one hit, two runs batter in, and scored a run of his own.

Seth Willis started in left field and had a hit, walk, and two runs scored.

Logan Evans started at second base and had two hits and two runs driven in.

Case Marsh had a hit and scored a run.

Jonas Chaney played right field and had two hits as well as scoring two runs. Chaney drove in two runs and walked once.

Cade Coble had a hit, walk, two runs batted in, and two runs scored.

The Ridgerunners also honored senior Manager Josh Spychalski at the game. Spychalski has left his mark on the program always willing to help out with any tasks that need to be taken care of, including power washing white pants, helping clean the locker room, being Coach Pennington’s personal secretary, running various errands, and scorekeeping.

The Ridgerunners presented each senior with a poster, a gift basket, and a rose for their mothers.