The Lady Ridgerunners lost to the Lady Tigers of Tahlequah 56 to 64 during the Friday, Dec. 1, in Grove.

Despite the loss the fan showed tremendous support for the team waving cutout pictures of the players during the game.

Grove took an early lead over Tahlequah and was able to maintain the lead for most of the first quarter before tying up by the end 16-16.

It was during the second quarter of play that the Lady Tigers where able to pull away outshooting Grove 15-7 which was the biggest difference of the game.

The girls left the court at the half with Grove trailing 24-31 having been out shoot by more than double in the second quarter.

Grove regrouped after the half keeping pace with Tahlequah putting up an additional 16 points to the Lady Tigers 18 leaving the girls trailing 40-49.

Grove outscored Tahlequah in the fourth quarter 17-15 but was unable to pull ahead before time ran out.

“The last two years [has been] really tough," said Coach Richard Bassett discussing how tough playing against Tahlequah. "They made the state tournament last year and got beat in the semifinals.

“They returned everyone and are currently ranked second in 5A.”

The Ridgerunners saw a slight decline in their effective field goal percentage or eFG dropping to 33.9 percent from last games 39.2 percent.

The girls dropped one shot in in both two and three point range verses their average for the same shots in the previous game against Skiatook.

However the team improved their free throw percentage from 50 to 76.2 percent with Rory Geer shooting 90 percent and Macee Barnes shooting 80 percent at the line.

Geer and Barnes put up the majority of the points for the team with a combined total of 35.

Geer put 18 points on the board followed by Barnes with 17 points against the Lady Tigers.

“We play extremely hard, but didn’t play as mentally focused as we need to," Bassett said. "[We] didn’t shoot the ball very well [and] need to be more consistent shooting the ball.”

After just two game the girls are starting to show where their strengths are on the court.

Out of the two players with enough points to begin tracking Barnes is shooting close to 70 percent in the two point range making the majority of her shots inside the paint.

Geer is shooting 45 percent in the three point range the majority have been at the top of the key.

However Geer is putting up more points in the 2 point range then Barnes 14 to 10 but isn’t yet showing a consistency with making the buckets.

Grove plays Collinsville at 6 p.m. Tuesday Dec. 5 at home. According to team records, Grove has not beat Collinsville since at least 2014.