Dear Editor,

2017 was a busy year for the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority.

Two new trustees were sworn in to fill vacancies on the board of trustees. Harry Schultz, District 1 and Leanna Buske, District 2 joined trustee David Kendric, District 3.

Kent Vice retired as general manager and David Morris was selected to fill the position of Delaware County Solid Waste General Manager.

The board of trustees voted to hire a firm who will manage the accounting and record keeping for operations and will supply reports for annual audits.

A planning committee was formed to develop comprehensive plan for the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority to give direction for operating in the future to help meet D.E.Q. and E.P.A. standards and to be able to accomplish this while operating within the budget and to streamline operations to better serve the citizens of Delaware County. Members of this committee were: Ken Purdy, Solid Waste Institute of Northeast Oklahoma, Ed Crone, Grand Gateway Economic Development Authority, and Tom Elkins, Cherokee Nation Environmental Programs. Each of these committee members brought over 30 years’ experience to the table and all the resources of the organizations they represented. Their team worked well over ten months to put together their comprehensive plan. On January 29, 2018, the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority Board of Trustees voted to accept the planning committee’s report for further review. This report will be available online in the near future. The Board would like to thank all who participated in getting this report accomplished including County Commissioners: District 1 Doug Smith/David Poindexter, District 2 Russell Martin, District 3 Martin Kirk.

The Delaware County Solid Waste Authority and Board of Trustees will be continuing our efforts to service the citizens of Delaware County in 2018.