The Grove City Council sent a new zoning ordinance back to the Planning and Zoning Board without passing it at the request of P and Z Chairman Judith Read at a regular meeting Tuesday night.

The ordinance, which would replace Grove’s current commercial zoning ordinance, needed further refinement, in the opinion of Read and council members.

“I’ve received a few phone calls since we passed this and I believe we need to review it again,” Read said.

She explained that the C-3 zoning regulation needs revision because some things included under C-3 do not need to be there.

At Large Council Member Mike Davenport said he did not want the zoning regulations to penalize businesses that have been in Grove for many years, such as Longan Asphalt Construction Company, representatives of which were at the meeting.

The Longan company is considering adding a cement factory, which would employ an additional eight people in Grove.

Davenport was worried that if the ordinance was reworked it might jeopardize the expansion.

However, P and Z Board Member Bill Miller said the reworking of the ordinance was not aimed at Longan.

Ward II Council Member Terry Ryan concurred.

“These ordinances are not targeted at individuals,” Ryan said. “It is the job of government to do its best for the whole community. The Longans are good corporate citizens and we need them in our community. We have to do what is best for the community and if the chairman requests that we send (the ordinance) back, we should send it back.”

A Longan representative said that his company was willing to work with the city and to remove a shed that was an “eyesore” and erect a privacy fence.

All council members agreed that Longan should be encouraged to remain in the city.

In other business, City Manager Bruce Johnson reported that the U.S. 59 project is underway.

“It’s moving along,” Johnson said. “They are doing a lot of dirt work and working on the storm water drainage project.”

Mayor Gary Bishop said he wanted to encourage citizens to pay close attention in the construction areas, stating that drivers on North 59 should watch their speed and be aware of trucks pulling on an off the highway.

“It’s congested, and it will be for awhile,” Bishop said. “But it will be worth it.”