JAY – A Delaware County couple has been arrested for their involvement in what Delaware County law enforcement officers are calling the worst animal abuse case they’ve ever witnessed.

Dog owners Sue Davis, 52, and Randall Dick, 55, were taken into custody by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday.

The couple could face up to 11 felony charges of animal abuse.

According to reports, a feud between Davis and Dick and another couple may have resulted in the maltreatment of more than 100 small poodles and spaniels.

Delaware County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Berry, in a probable cause affidavit reported that on Oct. 30 a caller told the department’s dispatch office that some dogs were being starved at the residence of Stanley and Loretta Allen, located at 18759 E 440 Rd., in Jay.

Berry made contact with the suspects, Davis and Dick, at a Grove motel.

At that time they told him the dogs belonged to Davis.

She said she had left the Allen property on Oct. 25 and had not been back. She stated that she was told by another deputy to leave the property and not return, and that it would be the landowner’s responsibility to care for the animals.

The officer in question denied her statement and told Berry that the landowners had given her permission to return to care for the dogs.

In her statement she claimed that she “had heard” that Stanley Allen had a weapon. She was told by Deputy Berry that it was not the landowner’s responsibility to feed the dogs, and he and a veterinarian were going to the property to check on the welfare of the animals.

Davis and Dick met the Berry along with Linda Miller of the Grove Humane Society, Veterinarian Dr. Darlene Wehr, and other officers with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department at the Allen property on Oct. 31.

Landowner Stanley Allen, claimed that the couple left on Oct. 25 and had fed the dogs that day. He said there was no food, but he had watered them. He also claimed that he called Davis on Oct. 27 and asked her what she wanted done with the animals. He said he understood that she was going to return and care for the dogs on Oct. 28, but that she did not show up.

At the property, investigators determined that there were 98 dogs and nine dead animals in the pens at the residence.

Many were housed ten to a 4 X 3 pen without adequate shelter from the elements.

Some of the dogs had resorted to eating the carcasses of dogs that had died in their cages.

Dr. Wehr examined the animals and found them to be in poor condition.

Davis consented to sign the animals over to the Grove Humane Society.

Since Delaware County did not have a facility large enough to house all the animals, arrangements were made with the Denver Dumb Friends League and the dogs were transported to Colorado.

Some of the animals are already available for adoption and the Denver Dumb Friends League has received more than 300 calls from people wishing to adopt. Anyone interested in reading updates about the dogs’ condition or inquiring about adoption can log on to http://www.ddfl.org/ for more information.

Davis and Dick remain incarcerated on $20,000 bonds.