FAIRLAND - An Ottawa County man was shot and killed Tuesday in a home invasion, and the gunmen are still at large.

The victim was Sam Sanders, Fairland Police Chief Tony Wiseley said.

A neighbor, Mary Ann Cunningham, said Sam and his wife, who she called Sue, were high school sweethearts. Jessica Brown, a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, referred to her as Lillian Sanders.

"If you knew him, you liked him," Cunningham said of Sam Sanders. She said he was a retired truck broker with Ozark Continental.

Brown said two male gunmen forced Sam and Lillian Sanders and their two grandchildren to the floor during the home invasion. She said the sheriff's office was notified about 4:30 this morning. She did not have any other details about Sanders' death.

The best description the survivors could give of the gunmen was that one was large, the other was small and they were probably white, Brown said.

It was at least the second home invasion in Ottawa County in less than a week. On Thursday, two men entered the residence of a rural Miami attorney where they held a woman and her grandchildren hostage during a robbery, said Terry Durborow, Ottawa County sheriff. The two incidents are not related, the sheriff’s office confirmed.

Law enforcement vehicles were still surrounding the Sanders residence at 11:30 Tuesday morning. The attractive log cabin-style ranch house is about three miles east of Fairland on Highway 60.