Shawna Mann

Grove Sun

It isn't everyday you hear someone say they are going to give up all the comforts of life and travel across the country horseback.  Some have called her crazy, but for Linny Kenney it's just something she's wanted to do since she was a little girl.  And as she got older she was given another reason for her journey when her parents divorced 6 years ago.

    Linny's journey began March 3rd  in southern California.  She set off with her beautiful Arabian horse Sojourner and friend Walter. Linny and Walter met their freshman year at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.  Even though they grew apart for sometime, the two reconnected for the trip.  Their relationship has been strictly platonic, but recently it has blossomed into something more and they have recently taken it to the next level and are now in a relationship.

    “Walter and I have always been nothing more than friends.  It's so great to have a relationship with someone that you have a friendship with.” said Linny.

    As a talented musician, artist and leather worker, Linny seems to be a free spirit embracing everything life has to offer.  She says she has met some of the most amazing people so far, never thinking twice to stop and talk to locals  or even smile for a picture. 

     The trio travel anywhere from 10-12 hours a day, but the heat has taken a toll on all of them.  When asked if she has thought about giving up, Linny said no way.  But, if there was one reason to do that, it would be because it is so hot.  She states on her blog that gives a play by play of her travels, that the heat is just never ending, it's doable but wears on your soul after awhile .

    As for Sojourner, he's doing just fine and has even learned to swim and enjoy the lakes and creeks they come upon.

    Sojourner hasn't always been so easy going.  The eleven year-old Arabian has come along way since Linny began training him for the trip.

    “He was scared of everything.  He would just shake and shiver and was scared to death.  I couldn't even get on him.”

    It took Linny seven months to get him trained and to even get him inside the horse trailer.  Along the way, the three have met horse trainers who have offered advice making it a learning experience for everyone. 

    One of the amazing things is the way people have opened up their homes to the three.   Offering a comfy bed, shower and hot meal.  Accommodations have been donated the entire trip, either through bed and breakfasts, hotels or ranches. 

    While they were passing through locally, pastor Dewey “Dusty” Stanford II of Triple Cross Ranch in Jay opened his doors and welcomed them.  After enjoying a day of rest at the ranch, they headed toward Grove on Sunday and were offered a room at Stonebrook Inn on highway 59. 

    Their final destination will be Bath, New Hampshire where Linny grew up.  They plan on staying in her family owned house.         

    “We don't know if we want to stay there permanently.  But it's where we are headed for now.”

    Several people that are following Lenny's journey have made the comment about her writing a book about her adventure, the people she has met along the way and what it has done for her personally.  Linny says it may happen, but she's not sure just yet.  One thing that is certain, Linny Kenney is a brave woman enjoying living her childhood dream and the many people she has met along the way.