Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

On the night of Tuesday, March 8, communities of local law enforcement agencies were called to Quapaw to assist Ottawa County Deputies, Officers with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Eastern Shawnee Tribal Police who were attempting to serve a felony at the home of Collin Ryan Beattie, 36.

Beattie was wanted on Ottawa County District Court warrants for failing to appear in court on the charges of Assault and Battery with a dangerous weapon, two counts of domestic abuse, one count of assault and battery, one count of criminal conspiracy, and one count of violation of a protective order.

When the deputies and officers approached his home, Beatty was on the porch.  Officers ordered him to surrender, but he ran into the house and shut the door.  Knowing the possibility that there may be weapons inside the home and because friends and family had informed officers earlier that Beattie stated police would not take him alive, officers felt the need to call for backup.

Local agencies quickly arrived and Sheriff Terry Durborrow called the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) for assistance with negotiations and tactical planning.  Troopers then began talking to Collin Beattie’s wife, Tamara Beattie.  She told the officers that her husband was not there.  Officers ordered her several times to exit the home over approximately six hours. 

Police reports indicate it was after the six-hour negotiation, they felt the need to “introduce tear gas into the residence.”  Collin Beattie exited immediately, but his wife would not come out.

At approximately 4 a.m. troopers entered the residence with the tactical entry team and took Tamara Beattie into custody.

Collin Beattie was then arrested on his pending warrants, and charged with Obstruction of officers.  Tamara Beattie was charged with obstruction of officers and harboring a fugitive.

Ottawa County Sheriff Terry Durborow stated he would like to thank the Commerce Police Department, Eastern Shawnee Police Department, The Bureau of Indian Affairs Police, Quapaw Police Department, Grove Police Department and Quapaw Tribe Fire and Rescue, and Tribal Marshals.

Ottawa County Sheriff called upon Grove Police Departments’ Special Response Team (SRT).  SRT team members have gone through special training, including barricaded suspects as this incident was.

“We are happy to provide this mutual aid.  It is important because agencies outside are always willing to come here and assist in the city,” said Grove Police Chief Mark Morris.

It’s good when communities pull together for mutual aid.  We are fortunate in this community that we all work so well together,” said Chief Morris.

Sheriff Durborow also wanted to give a special thanks to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol whose vast resources, and excellent response provided a safe outcome to the night’s events.