The cooperative Grand Lake Shoreline Cleanup event, “lending a hand to Lady Grand” is scheduled for Saturday, September 20 all around the shores of the lake.

There will be several dumpster sites designated for shoreline trash around the circumference of Grand Lake. Those sites will include the Grand River Dam Authority Lake Patrol Headquarters in Langley; the Grand Lake Public Works Authority on Monkey Island; the lot on North Highway 59, next to Cedar Oaks in Grove, and the Grand Lake RV Resort in Duck Creek.

The dumpsters will be available from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (please no household trash or brush).

As an added incentive, the first 50 volunteers disposing of shoreline trash at each site will receive a free, “eco friendly” reusable water bottle.

The Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA), along with the Grand Lake Sail and Power Squadron, Grand Lake Area Chamber of Commerce and the Monkey Island Association are joining forces to make this event possible. However it will be the dedicated efforts of hundreds of lake area volunteers that make the event successful.

“We're pleased we can cooperate with these groups on this important effort,” said GRDA Chief Executive Officer Kevin Easley. “Volunteers have a made a huge difference during past events like this and we are looking for the same kind of help this year.”

According to GRDA Ecosystems Management Superintendent Dr. Darrell Townsend, debris such as old dock foam, which can be found at many locations around the lake, definitely needs to be removed.

“Unfortunately, wildlife can often mistake polystyrene debris for food,” said Townsend. “Also, because it is not biodegradable, it can litter the shore for years and years. So the only real way to get rid of this type of debris is to manually remove it and take it to the dumpsters.”

Other shoreline trash, like discarded fishing line, plastic bags and six-pack holders also pose a real threat to lake's aesthetics and wildlife, added Townsend.

“Wildlife and waterfowl can be killed or injured when they are entangled in this type of debris," he said.

Of course, cleaning up the lakeshore also makes it a safer environment for other lake visitors as well. Anyone who has stepped on a piece of broken glass or rusty metal, or even tripped over an old fishing line knows the trouble shoreline trash can cause.

Lending a hand to clean up Lady Grand also helps preserve the views around the 1,300 miles of scenic shoreline that thousands of people have enjoyed for over six decades.

“Anything we can do to help clean up the trash will benefit the lake habitat and the scenic beauty of Grand Lake,” added Townsend. “We all want the Grand Lake shoreline to be a safe, clean place.”

For more information on the Shoreline Cleanup, contact GRDA Community Relations at (918) 256-5545.