The Grove Police Department, in conjunction with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department, seized marijuana, arrested one man, and issued a citation to a juvenile in Grove Friday, March 20th, according to officials.

Travis Bates, 21, of Grove was taken into custody after officers discovered several baggies of marijuana and paraphernalia at his apartment, Grove Detective Sgt. John Morrow said.

Morrow, Delaware County Deputy Steve Brownell, and K-9 Officer, Chico, were working drug interdiction at the Garden Walk Apartments in Grove when Chico “alerted” at Bates’ apartment.

After obtaining a warrant, the officers searched the premises.

“We found two individually-wrapped baggies that appeared, according to my experience, to weigh about a quarter ounce each,” Morrow said. “And we had one larger bag of compressed marijuana that had been part of a brick.”

Bates was arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of paraphernalia.

On the same day, in an unrelated incident, the officers cited a 17-year-old juvenile for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

“Deputy Steve Brownell and the dog have been working really hard,” Morrow observed. “We will continue to use their assistance.”

He added that Delaware County Sheriff’s Detective Ron Teal and D.A. Investigator Mike Eason have been instrumental in helping with drug investigations.

Grove Police Chief Mark Morris said Morrow has been doing an excellent job.

“Since he came on board as a detective, he’s cracked several cases and improved relations with the sheriff’s department and the Drug Task Force,” Morris said.

He added that illegal drug offenses are one of the department’s priorities.

Anyone with information about drug offenders is encouraged to call Morrow at 918-786-6121.