PRYOR – Tomorrow Mayes County voters will decide whether to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sundays and holidays which could benefit restaurant sales around Grand Lake.

The special question on the Nov. 4 ballot will allow the sale of alcohol by the drink on Sundays, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

On April 30, 1985, Mayes County voters approved a measure to allow liquor by the drink, which allows people to consume mixed drinks or wine in a restaurant.

 “Mayes County is a wet county,” said Barbara Hawkins, Pryor Chamber of Commerce Director. “The issue is selling on liquor on Sundays and holidays.”

Currently Mayes County residents can buy 3.2 beer, which is non-intoxicating beer on Sundays and holidays. Restaurants and bars cannot sell any strong beer, wine or liquor.

 The Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission prohibits the sale of alcohol on New Year’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Labor Day and Memorial Day.

If the proposal passes, the ABLE commission would then approve the sale on those holidays.

Hawkins said a good portion of Grand Lake is in Mayes County so this proposal has a major affect on restaurants.

The majority of Grand Lake is located in Delaware County where they are no county rules governing the sale of alcohol on Sundays or holidays, Hawkins said.

“People in Mayes County will cross the county line at the Pensacola Dam Bridge and go to a restaurant where they can get a glass of wine,” Hawkins said.

In the past when New Year’s Eve falls on a Sunday, restaurants lose a lot of money, Hawkins she said.

 “New Year’s Eve is a huge night and it was a huge loss,” said Tiffany Green, owner of Pier 13 Liquor in Langley.

Green said she expects her sales to increase up to 30 percent if the proposal passes.

 “Sundays would evolve into another day, but if there was a ballgame or the Super Bowl, then I would expect sales to increase,” Green said.

Green said most people around the Langley area are in favor or the ballet imitative.

“So far I haven’t heard anybody opposed to it,” she said.