Janet Barber

Grove Sun

JAY – Delaware County Commissions opened several bids and dealt with issues regarding several county departments their Monday morning meeting.

Bids were received for janitorial services for the courthouse, election board and community center, cleaning and paper products for the county offices, solid waste and all three-district barns.

Two bids were opened for review for the labor only for the renovation of the old health department, one bid was opened for the printing of election ballots and several bids were opened for road materials, supplies, and tire recapping for a six-month period. The winning bidders will be announced at a future meeting.

Commissioners will sign an application for the Oklahoma Highway Safety Reimbursement Grant for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department and a cash account was set up for that money. The signing of an application for a credit card to be used for travel by the Sheriff’s Department was approved, and a tort claim from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for damages of property against the that department was turned over to the insurance company.

An renewal agreement between the Sheriff’s Department and the city of Bernice was approved for a 90 day contract in the amount of $4,350 for law enforcement assistance.

Rose & McCrary will be receiving payment in the amount of $75,00 for engineering fees on Teesquantnee Hollow bridge project and $15,000 for their fee for the Saline Creek Bridge. Tim McCrary also presented for approval, the revised five-year road and bridge plan that will be forwarded on to ODOT.

Jay Fire Department named their officers for the upcoming year. Requisitioning officer will be Bryan Gordon and Andy Warren. Receiving officers will be Cody Goins and William Petty and Will Bennett and Health Barnwell will serve as Inventory officers.

In final business, a utility permit for a road cut in District #2 by Southern Lumber was approved and a refrigerator was transferred from the Delaware County Health Department to Emergency Management.

The next meeting of the Delaware County Commissioners will be held on Monday, Dec. 28 starting at 9 a.m. in the Commissioners Office of the Delaware County Courthouse.