JAY The family of a student who was raped by a school custodian has filed a tort claim against the Jay School District.

Charles Shipley, attorney for the family, said the district has 90 days to decide whether to settle the claim. If the district does not settle he will file a lawsuit, Shipley said. He said the claim does not seek a specified dollar amount in damages.

Karen L. Long, attorney for the district, said the claim is under investigation.

Adam Wolf, 45, was sentenced last week to 15 years in prison and 25 years post-custody probation after pleading guilty to raping the female student in his custodial office and in a classroom.

Wolf lied on his employment application in 2004 when he wrote that he had no felony convictions, Shipley said.

A background check showed he had two felony burglary convictions, but the school still hired him, he said.

"I believe there are more victims in the Jay area," Shipley said. "Since Wolf is in prison, I am hoping some of his victims will come forward."

Jay Police Chief Mike Shambaugh said he also thought other victims might come forward, but he has received no reports.

Long said the district will implement a policy in keeping with a new state law that requires schools districts to do nationwide criminal background searches on all new employees.

The school district is also considering doing nationwide criminal background checks on current employees, she said.

Shipley handled four other settlements with the district after a former bus driver, also a felon, was sentenced for raping students.