Shawna Mann

Grove Sun

Aptly named pet store in Grove, Chatterbox Pets features some of the most beautiful birds and adorable small pets.  The store will be celebrating their one-year anniversary in August, and owners Fred and Barbara Crowley truly embody the meaning of animal lovers.

The couple, married 35 years, moved to Grove several years ago from New Mexico.  Fred had been traveling the country as a commercial truck driver for 25 years, and wife Barbara, a true bird lover owned a bird shop south of Albuquerque.  While they loved the vast openness of the desert, the couple was looking for a change of scenery. 

“I mentioned to my wife about moving to Oklahoma.  She was born and raised in southern California and had never been to Oklahoma” said Fred.

Eventually, the sloping hills, sparkling lakes and picturesque forestry won Barbara over, and the couple made Grove their new home.

Visiting Chatterbox Pets is a unique experience, not like most pet shops.  At any given time you will find nine or ten birds free of their cages.  A “hands on” pet shop, customers can hold the birds, guinea pigs or ferret.  All of the birds are raised hand fed and are pretty tame due to this. 

“We get most of our birds as babies, they don’t even have their feathers yet.” said Fred.

Much like having a newborn baby, wife Barbara will feed the baby birds with a dropper every four hours, for three months. 

Knowledge and advice are another service you will find from Fred and Barbara.  Educating those who may have never owned a bird or other animal, or those who have questions about certain birds.  With over 25 years experience owning a bird shop, you could say Barbara is an expert.

If birds aren’t your thing, or if you are looking for a family pet, Chatterbox Pets sells short and long haired Guinea Pigs, Hamsters,  Fred says Ferrets are really popular right now, and they currently have a cute little guy looking for a home. 

Along with pets, Chatterbox sells an array of pet toys, food and other supplies.  Most of the birds are purchased from Quality Pets in Oklahoma City, but some are bought from local residents.  You can find parakeets, lovebirds, canaries, cockatiels, ring-necks and more.  Those hunting for more exotic birds can come check out the colorful Brazilian bird.

Chatterbox Pets is located at 26530 S. 650 Road in Grove.  For more information call 918-786-1873.