• Jim Sellers is the President of the Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce in Langley, Oklahoma

Happy Spring to our friends around the Pond….

The last couple of weeks have been very busy with Rock Climbers to extra parties with Green concoctions.  Plus we had  families and friends coming to enjoy Spring Break  with everyone on the lake. I know of one restaurant that had a family of 15 show up and another that had 47 show up all at ounce.  That sure got some groceries sold. 

We are working hard at the Chamber to let visitors know where our members are and what services they have to offer.  One of those ways is through the Department of Tourism, and their web site.  TravelOK.com is the website and now is the time to make sure your business is correctly listed on the site so you will recive the best exposure for your 2010.

I toured the web site last week and found that not all listings around the lake where brought up when I typed in Grand Lake in the Key Word search.  After talking to the staff in charge of the site I discovered that you must have Grand Lake written in your location information for it to show up during this search.

 For a new listing you can download forms to be filled out by the business and submitted. I have asked the staff of TravelOK.com to see if we could get a separate list for Grand Lake as the current searches are listed by cities and town,  They are checking to see if we can get this done for Grand and other area lakes as well.  Many visitors have no idea what the names of the towns are in this area, so I hope we can get better coverage on the site in the months to come.

 We are planning a visit to Oklahoma City on April 22nd to do two things, First, attend the Small Business day at the Capitol and meet with our area legislators and  Second, go over to the Tourism Department and have a group discussion of how they are helping drive visitors to Grand Lake. 

We are taking reservations for this trip so call the office for details at 918-782-3214

You should all make plans to join us for the next  DINE AROUND this time on Monkey Island. 

This is in place of our monthly luncheon and will include stops at Big shots, Island Joe’s Kentena, Terra Marianda Quarter Deck Café and the Road Hog Saloon.

 It starts at Big Shots at 6:00 PM and then be bused to the other 3 locations and return to Big Shot for Dessert and more fun. 

If you missed this style of event for our November tour, you missed a fun time and an opportunity to meet new friends around the Pond.  Reserve your spot now for April 23rd by calling 918-782-3214