JAY – A Jay man has been arrested after allegedly firing a pistol and holding four ATV riders at gunpoint.

Delaware County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a rural Jay address where Earl Wayne Mooney, 68, was found holding a pistol on four men who Mooney claims surrounded his home and “charged him” with an ATV.

In the report filed by Delaware County Captain Detective Ron Teel, Mooney claimed that one of the men had blocked the driveway to his home earlier, which had led to a dispute.

Mooney then told detectives that he had seen several ATVs in the woods and heard screaming and fired two warning shots into the air to scare them away.

He said he confronted the men and they became belligerent and challenged him. He further said that one of the men behaved in a threatening manner so he (Mooney) held them at gunpoint and told them to follow him home so he could call the sheriff.

He told Detective Teel that the men surrounded him to get his gun away from him and he became frightened and fired a shot.

Mooney said he told them that he wouldn’t hesitate to shoot them.

The four men claimed that they were riding the ATV in the creek bed, heard shots, and were confronted by a gun wielding Mooney. They said Mooney threatened to kill them several times.

Mooney was arrested and is free on a $32,000 bond.

He could face possible charges of kidnapping, pointing a deadly weapon with the intention of discharging the weapon, and “reckless conduct while having any weapon.”