Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

Twenty four year old Katie Sands remains in fair condition at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, with a full pelvic fracture. She was airlifted to Tulsa after her boyfriend, Stephen Cannon, lost control of the vehicle they were traveling in. The car crashed into a tree and after Cannon jumped out and fled into the nearby woods. 

  According to Captain Ron Teel, Delaware County Sheriffs, Cannon is still at large and a warrant is out for his arrest for leaving the scene of an accident.   Sands has since endured one surgery in which they placed pins in her pelvis. She does not know when she will be released.   Cannon is also wanted for probation violations stemming from two incidents in 2005. One is for shooting with the intent to kill, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The second for a domestic in the presence of a child.   Teel warns the public to use caution if they see him and call Delaware County Sheriffs or their local law enforcement agency immediately. “Do not attempt to arrest on your own,” said Teel.   Cannon, his two children and his girlfriend Katie Sands were leaving a friends house and heading home to make dinner. According to Sands “we were heading down a dirt road to head home when we saw a police officer standing in the middle of the road. He waved at us to stop.”   She said she told him “you need to stop,” but he said “I can’t.”   “That’s when he threw the car into reverse and the next thing I remember is feeling the gravity forces pulling when he lost control,” said Sands.   “I then remember Stephens daughter climbing out and running to get help and his son yelling “help me Katie, you have to move your seat. My foot is stuck,” said Sands. She remembers telling him to hold on, it will be ok.   The next thing she remembers is her friend holding her hand while they waited for rescuers to help her get out. “He told me to concentrate on breathing, just keep concentrating on breathing Katie, help is on the way,” he told her.   She said paramedics then told her to hold on, they were going to have to pull the car away from the tree and it might hurt. “I remember one paramedic telling me to hold on, you’re ok,” she said.   According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol reports, Sands was pinned for approximately 20 minutes before being extracted by Oaks and Leach Fire Departments.   Sands said she remembers going in the ambulance, then being moved into the helicopter. “I remember waking up and thinking “man, I rode in a helicopter and I don’t remember anything.”