Kendra Montana

Grove Sun

The Town of Bernice approved the purchase of items for the fire department, fireboat

and new flags for the War Memorial as part of business at the regular meeting

held on Monday. With all board members present, the meeting began with the approval of the consent agenda, minutes of last month's meeting and disbursements.

The board then approved the purchase of payroll software through Sequoyah Software at a cost of $900. The software is necessary for and will be used in the establishment of the new police department in Bernice.

County tax dollars will fund the purchase of $876.85 worth of new equipment for the fireboat. “We are still waiting on a price for the medical bag so that item is not included in the total cost, but we will have it to you by the next meeting,” said Patrick Beehler, Bernice Fire Chief.

The items that were approved include a backboard, waterproof flashlights, rescue rope, a window punch/ seatbelt cutter, stokes basket, pike pole and an axe. A new pike pole will also be purchased for engine 1. “The pike pole was damaged at a fire recently and it needs to be replaced. It was in no way faulty, it did the job it was designed to do but we need to replace them periodically,” Beehler said.

The pole will cost $91. The fire department will also be getting a new icemaker. “We have no way to get ice from the department to the scene of a fire without stopping on the way to get it,” Beehler said. “Our current method is to stop by the smoke shop on the way and fill up there, and they donate it to us and it is greatly appreciated but they aren’t always open when we get called out.”

An icemaker and water filter system will be purchase for the department at a cost

of $1854. In other business, the board approved the purchase of new flags for the War Memorial at a cost not to exceed $500, a weed eater for the maintenance at a cost not to exceed $429 and tabled an item calling for the purchase of lockers for the fire department.

Immediately following the town meeting, the Bernice Public Works Authority held its meeting, approving the 2011/2012 budget and disbursements as part of


The Town of Bernice meets the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Bernice Municipal Courthouse. The BPWA meeting follows.