Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 7, 2009 for the Municipal General and Annual School Runoff Election and Dixie Smith, Secretary of the Delaware County Election Board, offered voters some tips on how to make their votes count.

Smith said a valid marking —a filled-in arrow—is shown on posters at the polling place and inside the voting booths. If voters make mistakes marking their ballots, Smith said they should not try to correct those errors. Instead, voters should return the spoiled ballot to the Precinct Officials, who will destroy it and issue a new ballot to the voter.

Smith also urged voters to take their Voter Identification Cards to the polls with them. “Your voter identification card can help Precinct officials find your name in the Precinct Registry and it may also help them resolve the problem if you are not listed in the Precinct Registry.”

Voters whose names are not found in the Precinct Registry, or a voter who disagrees with the information shown in the Registry, may need to cast a provisional ballot. A provisional ballot is sealed in a special envelope and counted after Election Day if the voter’s information can be verified by the County Election Board.

Smith said voters who want to get through the line quickly should vote mid-morning or mid-afternoon, because those usually are the two slowest periods for voting during the day.

“Anyone who is eligible and in line at the polling place at 7 p.m. on Tuesday will be entitled to vote,” she added.

Following is a list of the precinct polling places open in the Municipal General and Annual School Runoff Election:

Delaware County Polling Places

Precinct Polling Location Address


City of Jay 1st Assembly of God Church

(In Jay) 908 N. Main

Jay, OK 74346


City Of Jay Jay Community Center 429 S. 9th Street

Jay, OK 74346


City of Jay Eucha Fire Dept. 7024 E 432 Rd.

Eucha, OK 74342


Town of Colcord Draper Community Center 433 S. Larmon

Colcord, OK 74338


Oaks Mission School Leach 1st Baptist Church

5804 US Hwy 412 Alt

Rose, OK 74368


Oaks Mission School Kansas Community Center 101 S Cherokee

Kansas, OK 74347


Town of West Siloam

Moseley School West Siloam Fire Dept. 292 New Life Ranch Rd.

West Siloam, OK 74338

City of Jay will vote at Precinct 14, 16 or 17

Town of Colcord will vote at Precinct 19

Oaks Mission will vote at Precinct 21 or 22

Town of West Siloam will vote at Precinct 23

Moseley School will vote at Precinct 23