Vandals destroyed property and equipment at the Grove High School on Friday and the graffiti the culprits wrote may just tip the police off as to where to start looking.

Words such as “Jay Bull Dogs Rulez” along with profanities and obscene drawings were painted on all of the windows of the school, according to Grove Police Chief Mark Morris.

Security cameras and the sides of the building were also painted, Morris said.

Grove police have one suspect so far in connection with vandalism but no charges have been filed at this time.

Morris said that high school principal Renee Dozier told him that the kids do something every year of the Jay vs. Grove football game but this year they damaged property by painting the cameras and the building.

The cameras were colored with a bright florescent green paint.

The obscenity could be viewed not only by the high school students attending but the middle and elementary school students that were there loading on the buses as well.

School personnel were able to remove the graffiti on the windows but the walls will have to be painted and the security cameras will have to be replaced, according to Dozier.

Grove police have been sent to Jay schools to continue their investigation.