Parents of Grove Elementary and Middle School students have varied opinions as to the progress of the recently implemented one-way street pattern at the lower grades as it goes into the fourth week of school.

The Grove School District, in an effort to smooth the process of dropping off and picking up students at the campus for the lower grades, redesigned the streets around to force the traffic to go one-way around the schools.

The first day of school was crazy, but its getting better now, not too bad.

Some parents, who have to pick up more than one student, are still a little frustrated with the time involved in picking up the children at the end of the school day.

I have to go to the ECC (Early Childhood Center) to pick up my little one, and then I have to drive all the way around and get in line again to pick up my son at the lower elementary.

The first day of school, a day when most parents typically cally drive their children to school, saw traffic backed up on 7th Street all the way to Main Street.

Subsequent days saw the number of cars gradually decreased, some saying they just had to get used to it and finally have a system figured out.

You have to hit it just right or you get caught, but, its what you do, said Micha Ault, I dont know how they would make it any easier.

On most days, the traffic on 6th street behind the bus barn was backed up around the corner at Leisure Road.

Thomas Nelson, who was reading the newspaper paper while waiting to pick up his kids at the lower elementary school, said this was his first time having to pick up his kids so he wasnt sure if it had improved or not.

Debbie Deakins, who was reading a book while she waited in traffic said that although there is some room for improvement, overall the new system is great.

Ive got to say as far as everything goes, you have to get here early to be able to lighten it up. I have four children I have to pick up at each of the different schools, if you dont get here early you have to wait here, waste a lot of gas, and with the heat its pretty hot, she said.

I wish there was some way they would double the lanes up here and the teachers would actually get out and take the students to each one of the vehicles like they did in the Early Childhood Center last year. I think it would make things go much faster, she suggested.

As far as the one way, this has been fabulous for a mother of four, this has been the best year Ive ever had as far as getting my children to school and home after school, she said.

Deakins said it takes her until about 4:00 to get everyone picked up but if she can get there early she can have all of her children picked up by 3:45.

Another parent, Cindy Dyer, said that the drop off and pick up logistics are not as good as last year but had a good attitude toward the system.

Its definitely better than it was when school first started, its not bad, she said.

Im not saying I really like it but its getting better, said Leslie Stevens who picks up one child at the ECC and one at the Lower Elementary.

Complaints from parents have simmered down said Sandy Harper, Grove Schools Superintendent and Police Chief Mark Morris, who on the first day of school predicted the traffic would ease up substantially after the first couple of weeks of school said he thought it done just that.

Harper praised the Police Chief Mark Morris and the police department and volunteers that assisted with the traffic flow during the first couple of weeks. She also said she appreciates the parents who have been so patient during this transition.

We know that the plan is not going to be ideal for everyone, Morris said, but our focus has always been on the safety of the kids.