JAY- Decisions regarding the purchase of county equipment consumed most of the Delaware County Commissionersí meeting Monday morning.

The board voted to sign a contract so that District #3 may purchase a backhoe from Warren Cat using the revolving fund for $73,216.00. District #3 also sold a grader to Meuser for $5,250.00. District #3 Commissioner Dave Kendrick rejected the two bids submitted for the backhoe.

Two companies won the bid for grader blades. The lowest bid was Valk Manufacturing for $147 per blade, but Warren Cat was also accepted, due to immediate availability, at $169.40 per blade. Valk is a Pennsylvania based company, while Warren Cat operates an office out of Tulsa.

Six bids were submitted for the purchase of a used pumper truck for the Tiff City Fire Department. The bids will be reviewed and the winning bid will be announced at a future meeting.

Two claims requesting payment from Rose & McCrary for engineering fees on the Hog Creek Bridge for the amount of $5,250.00 as a second payment, and a payment of $16,797.00 for the Spavinaw bridge project were approved.

In final business, the board approved the publication of the yearly salaries for Delaware County employees.

The next meeting of the Delaware County Commissioners will be held on Mon., March 9 starting at 9 a.m. in the Commissionersí Office of the Delaware County courthouse.