Grove’s Christian HELP Center, a ministry founded to aid families of northern Delaware County, received a $1000 donation check from Lake Center Baptist Church of Monkey Island, Tuesday afternoon.

“This is wonderful,” said HELP Center Missions Director Anna Shaw. “We have really been blessed this year with so many people sharing with us.”

Kim Hays, pastor for the Lake Center Baptist Church on Monkey Island, presented Shaw with the check. The church has been a regular donor to the HELP Center for the past five years.

“Last year we went ahead and just started putting it (gift) in our church budget,” Hays said. “Next year, if God blesses us, which we know He will, we’ll up the amount a little bit.”

“We want to encourage other ministries to give to this ministry for our community,” Hays continued. “We don’t necessarily want to use this as a promotional tool for Lake Center Baptist Church; we want to use it to encourage others to give and to think about this ministry not only at this time of the year but the whole year ‘round.”

The gift comes at a very opportune time for the HELP Center ministry as the holiday season, combined with the current economic trends, has kept the volunteer staff very busy.

“We had 31 families yesterday who were here to get food,” said Shaw. “The need is extraordinary right now. We’ve seen so many more people coming in and they’ve been laid off or they’ve been cut back on their hours and they’re struggling. So every donation is helping us help others.”

The gift from the Lake Center Baptist Church to the HELP Center is the latest in a series of efforts that reflect the nature of the Grove community and its surrounding areas.

“We’re blessed,” said Shaw. “We’ve had several food drives, we’ve had a lot of canned foods given to us and we’ve had monetary gifts so that we can purchase the things we need. It’s been a real blessing for us.”