DELAWARE COUNTY - Delaware County Treasurer’s office had mailed out all second half property tax notices as of the 21st day of February. Anyone who has paid at least half of their taxes should receive a second half notice, payment of which is due by March 31, 2008.

Anyone who has not received a notice should call 918-253-4533 or 4467, or come by the assessor’s office.

In October of 2008 the Treasurer’s office was given a certified abstract from Assessor Leon Hurt, with a total of $21,520.742.38 to be collected in 2007 taxes. Tax statements were mailed out in November, 2007 to begin the collection process.

At this time 78%, or $16,753,991.93 of the 2007 taxes, plus any additional adjustments made since the certified abstract was received, have been collected.

The total amount of second half taxes now due is 14%, which is around $3,094,806.47.

The remaining balance of 8%, totaling $1,693,778.99, has not been paid at all. As of January 1st, 2008, those outstanding taxes were considered delinquent and due with interest accumulating at 1½ cents per month until paid.

“We encourage all tax payers who have not paid taxes to make arrangements to pay them as soon as possible to avoid further penalties. Eight percent does not seem like a very large percent of taxes but, as you can see it adds up to quite a lot of money to still be collected,” said Mary Jane Law, Delaware County Treasurer.

“If for any reason you never received your original tax statement in November we urge you to check on your taxes. Not receiving a tax statement does not in anyway relieve the property owner of taxes due. By law it is your duty as a property owner to check on your property taxes.  I would like to remind every tax payer just how important it is to our schools that taxes are paid and collected since they do receive the largest portion of the tax collections which is used to help operate and run our schools,” said Law.