Kirsten Mustain

I have the utmost respect for Benjamin Franklin. Without him America wouldn’t be the great country it is. The man was brilliant.

But, I must respectfully disagree that Daylight Saving Time is a good idea.

I will concede that it looks good on paper.

Perhaps it even accomplishes what it’s supposed to, though it seems that you can find evidence to support both sides of that argument.

Franklin originated the idea as a matter of economy. He supposed, and rightly so according to some statistics, that people would use less lamp oil if there were more daylight hours in the evening.

Nowadays what many people use less of is electricity, although they are other statistics that indicate that power usage goes up because people run their air conditioning longer in the evening.

According to the statistics I was able to find about Daylight Saving Time, about 62 percent of Americans polled like to have that extra hour of sunshine in the evening.

Without accounting for the errors inherent in polls, that leaves me among the 48 percent of Americans who don’t like it.

It’s okay. I am accustomed to being the minority. In fact, “minority” is a very polite word. More often I have been called a “weirdo” or a “nut.”

And I understand that my objections to Daylight Saving Time are a personal thing and not, perhaps, a good reason for the whole nation to dance to my tune – as if that were even a remote possibility.

There is one state in our union that does not observe Daylight Saving Time – the morning sun Mecca of Arizona. Well, people have sent me letters telling me to leave Grove before due to my beliefs. Perhaps someone will suggest that I move to Arizona as well. I don’t mind.

Due to the fact that I am employed and must be to work at a certain time every day, I have to get up very early.

As a good friend of mine says, “I need a long runway in order to get off the ground.”

I have discovered that the only way I am able to achieve an agreeable and sane state of mind by the time I must drag myself into the office, is to have a few hours beforehand to put myself together. Anyone who knows me realizes I don’t spend this time fixing my hair or putting on make-up. Rather I need some quiet time to watch the sunrise, exercise, and have a slow cup of tea.

I generally wake up with the sun and fall asleep after it has gone down. Since I am not an owl, a whippoorwill, or a cat, I believe this is the proper order of things.

My problem with Daylight Saving Time hinges on a deeper issue – the unnatural rhythms that modern human beings are forced to adhere to.

Humans do love to tinker with this vast creation they inhabit.

Often that is a great and wonderful thing – witness modern plumbing.

However, we don’t always do what is best for ourselves.

The very way we measure time is a human invention, and it is not difficult to observe that God measures time far differently than we do.

The seasons, the months, the weeks, the days, all have their own rhythms. Our bodies are attuned to those rhythms. Granted, we can fight that attunement with coffee, pop, tea, sleeping pills, alcohol – whatever works to pep us up or calm us down when life requires it.

During the week, I am forced to rise every morning before the sun gets up. When springtime comes around, I am finally more in tune with the natural rhythm of the planet where I live.

Then Day Light Saving Time deprives me of an hour of much-needed sleep and I am forced to go to bed before the sun so I can drag myself up before the sun again.

Mr. Franklin was a genius.

However, if I remember correctly, he also wanted the turkey to be America’s national bird.