Janet Barber

Grove Sun

JAY — A Grove man and woman have been arrested after officers received a tip that they were making methamphetamines by what law enforcement are now calling the “Shake and Bake” method.

Thomas Roman Steed, 40, along with April Michelle Pryer, 34, were taken into custody after officers determined that the couple was manufacturing methamphetamines.

Steed was charged with a felony count of manufacture of a controlled dangerous substance-methamphetamine on May 21 in Delaware County district court.

Pryer was charged with a felony count of manufacture of a controlled dangerous substance-methamphetamine. The charge was dismissed on May 26.

The probable cause affidavit filed by Captain Ron Teel of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department stated that he received information that a “Shake and Bake” lab was located at a Grove residence.

Teel and other officers detected an odor at the Steed home that he said is associated with “cooking” or “burning” meth. He said he saw a female in the yard of the residence, later identified as April Pryer, shaking a green colored bottle.

When confronted by the officer, Pryer told Teel that the meth wasn’t hers that Steed was the only person in the home.

Officers entered the residence and noticed a chemical odor. After announcing themselves they made a protective sweep of the area for the safety of the officers and those inside.

Upstairs, officers discovered items and ingredients used in the manufacture of methamphetamines.

Steed was taken outside and the residence secured.

Steed told officers that the lab belonged to Pryer and he only helped her. He also admitted that there was paraphernalia in the home used for smoking meth. Steed told the officers that Pryer had come to his residence with all the ingredients to manufacture the meth.

Pryer told officers that she and Steed had gone to Grove and bought the ingredients. She said that Steed told her to go outside with the bottle when he saw the officers stop in front of his residence.

Steed was released on a $50,000 bond. He is set to return to district court on June 30 at 9:30 a.m. for announcement.