rove High School Band Director Joe Wilhelm announced that 21 band students received the distinction of being chosen for the Northeastern High School All-District Honor Band.

“Congratulations to these students,” Wilhelm said.

The students are: Jordan Teel – Trumpet, 10th Chair, Concert Band; Tyler Lin – Trumpet, 6th Chair, Symphonic Band; Vaness Allington – Ball Clarinet, 4th Chair, Concert Band; Hannah Zych – Bass Clarinet, 1st Chair, Concert Band; Patrick Malone – Trombone, 2nd Chair, Concert Band; Aaron Hodges – Trombone, 4th Chair, Symphonic Band; Stephan Whitesell – Trombone, 8th Chair, Symphonic Band; Jordan Wilhelm – Baritone Horn, 2nd Chair, Symphonic Band; Heather Lungren - Flute, 3rd Chair, Symphonic Band; Ashley Slater – Flute, 10th Chair, Symphonic Band; Lea Brewer – Clarinet, 1st Chair, Concert Band; Matt Gallman – Clarinet, 6th Chair Symphonic Band; Destiny Hodges – Clarinet, 11th Chair, Symphonic Band; Racheal Hole – Clarinet, 16th Chair, Concert Band; Stephanie Killion – Clarinet, 17th Chair, Symphonic Band; Morgann Lenhart – Clarinet, 7th Chair Concert Band; Joshua Wilhelm – Percussion, 4th Chair Concert Band; Joseph Craven – Percussion, 5th Chair Concert Band; Zach Goins – Percussion, 6th Chair, Concert Band; Sophie Smith – Tenor Saxophone, 1st Alternate; and Shannon Moser – Alto Saxophone, 1st Alternate.

The students will perform in the NBDA All-District Concert Band concert on Saturday, January 10th, 2009 at the new Bartlesville Performing Arts Center.

Twenty-one Grove musicians also qualified for the second round audition for the All-State Concert Band held on December 6th, 2008 at Westmoore High School.