Staff Reports

 The City of Grove has recieved a $25,000 grant from the Department of Transportation for Hwy 59 north improvements, City Manager Bruce Johnson reported. Johnson said he will be putting togther the plans for the project and presenting it to the council at a future meeting.

 In an effort to fine tune a deer hunting ordinance passed two weeks ago, the Grove City Council Monday night made some revisions to the ordinance which allows hunting in the city limits of Grove.

  The action was taken after councilman Ed Trumbell told the officials that he had been researching the language of city hunting ordinances from municipalities around the country. Trumble said he found some areas of Grove’s ordinance that needed to be revisited.

  While Trumbell introduced several areas of the ordinance  that may need revised, the council only approved three changes and agreed to look at more revisions for next year.

  The council approved giving the Grove police department the authority to revoke an existing license for any reason at their sole discretion; required hunters to mark their arrows with their permit number prior to hunting; and will require prospective hunters to shoot from a 10 foot elevation when taking the proficiency test to obtain a hunting permit.

Council members all agreed that the three items were pertinent enough to enact this season rather than waiting until next year. Discussion was again held on the 300’ restriction from buildings and property lines, however, the council failed to come to agreement on lifting that restriction which has caused some disgruntled hunters and property owners. Those in opposition feel that the 300’ restricts the hunting opportunities.  The new ordinance will allow whitetail deer bow hunting in the city limits of Grove. Tests for permits will be held on Saturday September 25. Contact the Grove police department to register. Archery season opens October 1 in Oklahoma.

  In other business, the council heard a complaint from a property owner who is disputing the location of his water meter by the city which has caused a delay in water services to his property. The resident, was urged to refrain from accusations and to seek council on the matter and that it wasn’t a matter for public discussion.

 In other business the council approved street closing around the Grove Community Center for the Pelican Festival.

•Vacated a portion of 21st Street for the purpose of widening the street, a formality that had already been implemented.

The council meets the first and third Monday.