The City of Grove does not add fluoride to city water, but it is there anyway.

John Gibe, Water Treatment Plant Supervisor, reported that fact to the Grove Municipal Services Authority Board at Tuesday's regular monthly meeting.

At the water plant the monthly average for Fluoride concentration was .25 milligrams per liter, with a maximum reading of 1.06 on Jan. 6, 2009.

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality recommends Fluoride concentration between 0.8 and 1.3 with 1.0 being the optimum concentration.

Out of curiosity, Gibe said, he tested the wastewater final effluent and it read an average of .68 with a maximum on Jan. 13 of .86.

He figured that Fluoride is getting into Grand Lake from wastewater carrying toothpaste and other personal hygiene items that have the chemical in it.

In other action, the board was informed by City Manager Bruce Johnson that nearly one million btu's of natural gas was purchased at $6.50 per dekatherm, about half of the gas supply for the next three years.

Regarding the water system leaks, 560 "loggers" have been installed on the system and are now collecting data, which will be analyzed by city workers. A water loss of 78% is occurring south of Honey Creek Bridge so this is where the leak detection devices are being placed. The area between Lake Road 6 and Honey Creek is complete, Johnson said.

A professional engineering firm is being sought as a city consultant, which will act on infrastructure needs for the next 10-20 years including storm water runoff, wastewater, water treatment, and streets and roads. Johnson said he should have more on this by the next meeting.

Terry Ryan, attending his last GMSA meeting after three years of service, said he has seen "an evolution to more technical expertise" on the board.

He said members asked the tough questions and recognized the areas of concern.

"I have learned how capable the city employees are," he commented, adding that Director of Public Works Jack Bower has done a "great job."

He said the biggest accomplishment of the board during his terms was attending to the business side and the importance of utility rates.

He noted that his biggest disappointment is that the water leaks have not been found yet.

Ryan has one more City Council meeting. He did not run for re-election.