Kirsten Mustain

Grove Sun

Grove Police are warning area residents to keep their vehicles locked after a rash of break-ins that occurred sometime Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

Assistant Chief Dan Hinman said 11 unlocked cars were broken into between 13th and 3rd Streets in East Grove, including six cars at one residence.

“They didn’t take very much,” Hinman said. “But that doesn’t help the feeling of having your property violated.”

He said that although not much was taken, the cars had all been rifled.

“We see this kind of thing, where lots of cars are broken into on the same night, once or twice a year,” Hinman said. “Most of the time the vehicles have been left unlocked.”

He cautioned that citizens should absolutely never leave valuables inside their cars, whether they are locked or not.

“Checkbooks, credit cards and cash should never be left unattended,” Hinman said. “We’d also like to encourage people to always lock their vehicles.”

Anyone with any information about this crime is encouraged to call the Grove Police Department at 918-786-6121.