MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Authorities found the body of a former Grove woman in a field after a suspect in her disappearance left a note detailing her slaying.

Lisa Renee Davis, 29, was found in a rural area of Memphis, Tenn.  Police believe Austin Agee killed Davis in her home.

The former model graduated from Grove High School in 1998.

Police say Davis was reported missing when she didn't show up for work on Sunday.

Agee, 21, was questioned about Davis's disappearance. When officers attempted to interview him a second time he shot and killed himself. 

A note was found with details about Lisa Davis' disappearance. Police have not released the contents of the suicide note.

Davis’ body was reportedly found in a field less than a mile from Agee's home where Agee was known to ride four-wheelers. It was hidden under some brush and covered with a camouflage jacket.

Police said that Davis went out with four individuals Saturday night, and they took her home after a night on Beale Street.

The individuals involved were all brought in for questioning and released. All the people questioned had a similar story, but Austin Agee seemed to be a person of interest based upon his body language.

Authorities at this time say they do not know how long Agee and Davis knew each other, but believe he was fairly new to her group of friends.

Officials say they are unaware at this time if Agee acted alone, and currently do not know the cause of death. Forensics and medical reports are still being processed.