Grove’s newest police officer has completed his CLEET certification and will now attend 12 weeks of field training before he hits the street as a fully-fledged member of the force.

Officer Danny Amendolara, who was hired on June 2nd, graduated from the CLEET Academy in Ada on October 31st after 15 weeks of intensive training in all aspects of law enforcement.

Included in the curriculum were such topics as traffic stops, domestics, custody and control, crime scene investigation, standard field sobriety testing, ethics, PR, and law.

“He is now certified by the State of Oklahoma,” said Police Chief Mark Morris.

Amendolara will now complete 12 weeks of field training, which will involve riding with a Field Training Officer (FTO) on a daily basis and observing how he works.

“He (Amendolara) will take a more and more active role during field training. By the end of the training, the FTO will be riding along and observing him as he initiates traffic stops and responds to calls,” Morris said.

In addition, Amendolara will attend FTO orientation with three different FTO officers. They will brief him in policies and procedures, and give him a rundown of the duties of different divisions in the department such as the detective division and animal control.

He explained that the department places a high emphasis on education.

“It might seem like a lot of training, but based on the high level of responsibility that comes with the job, we feel that extensive training is essential,” Morris said.

“We want our officers to be highly trained professionals who are capable of dealing with any situation that arises professionally and safely,” Morris continued.

Amendolara said he enjoyed CLEET training, but that he is happy to be back home in Grove full time.

“The guys here (at Grove PD) are great to work with,” Amendolara said.

He said he became a police officer because he finds the work interesting and because he wants to help fellow Grove citizens.

“I was born here,” he said. “It’s my turn to give back to the community.”