Kirsten Mustain

Grove Sun

Grove Mid-School math students last week enjoyed the fruits of their labor with a silent auction that allowed them to spend special math bucks they had earned during the semester.

In all, around 600 students were eligible to participate in the program, which gave them “real world” experience in the value of a dollar.

Math Department Head Susan Thomas explained that the students were awarded math “cash” for various jobs they performed, such as handing out papers, picking up trash, going over math problems with other students and handing out boxes.

“They had to have a job to earn money,” Thomas said.

They could earn money, but they could also lose it for infractions such as talking during class, not getting their work done, chewing gum or wasting paper.

At the end of the semester, a veritable cornucopia of prizes donated by the community were offered at a silent auction in the library, and students were allowed to spend their bucks however they chose.

About 180 students won the auction items, which ranged from computers, $100 savings bonds, i-Tune cards, sweat shirts and McDonalds gift certificates, to CDs and movies.

The most coveted prize appeared to be a “Rock Band” game.

“All the students were affected by the auction,” Thomas said.

Students who didn’t wish to participate could sign their cash over to their friends.

“We had to use our brains,” said one happy prizewinner.

Thomas said she wanted to express her special thanks to the many businesses and individuals who made the auction possible through their generous gifts and hard work.