Kirsten Mustain

Grove Sun

Construction on the new Integris Grove General Hospital facility continues to progress on course, despite weather delays of 45 days.

The hospital is set to begin admitting patients on January 29th, according to Project Superintendent Dave Hulstrand, of construction contractor Robins and Morton.

“We are within six weeks of when we thought it would be finished,” Hulstrand told Grove Rotary members who toured the new facility Wednesday.

Hulstrand said that all the hospitals systems are currently operating.

Workers were busy in every part of the facility Wednesday, adding finishing touches such as cabinets and counter tops and testing heating and cooling systems and ductwork.

Security, privacy and safety will mark the $56 million building, which will house 58 beds.

It features a carefully designed floor plan, allowing for more patient privacy and security, as well as improving the flow of patients, staff and family members throughout the building.

The emergency room features a special Hazmat room for victims of chemical spills, two major trauma rooms and 10 exam and observation rooms, including a room for psychiatric patients.

Safety features at the new building include lead-lined radiation rooms and special smoke rooms that will keep occupants safe from smoke inhalation and heat for an hour should a fire break out.

The hospital is separated from the extant Ambulatory Care Center on 13th Street by 30-foot corridors.

Currently, Grove’s emergency room treats around 17,000 patients per year and that number is expected to rise to 20,000 during the next few years.

An average of 150 workers have been working on the building seven days a week since construction began about 16 months ago.