Janet Barber

Grove Sun

JAY – Delaware County Commissioners handled cemetery, easement and bid matters during their meeting held Monday morning.

The Barnett family of Kansas was given permission to establish a private cemetery on their property after hearing no objection from county residents. Mrs. Barnett told the board that it will be a family cemetery and all the paperwork has been done.

Commissioners granted permission for a county road easement to revert to a private road, and set a hearing date of August 23 at 9 a.m. in the commissioners’ office. According to commissioner #1 Ken Crowder, the road became a county road in 1998, and petitioners ask that the road become private to set up a gated community. The road is located West of the Coves in the Ketchum area. It is commonly known as Bill Hardesty Lane in the Cherokee Yacht Club 1, Deer Cove Estates.

Sealed bids will be advertised on a pre-constructed steel building with complete erection to add to the existing fire station #1 building for the Lakemont Shores Fire Department. Bids will be opened on Aug. 23 during the regular county commissioners meeting.

The board reviewed the 2010 Delaware County Assessor’s office report that will be given to the excise board. According to the report, less the homestead exemptions, county property taxes total $310,285,329.00.

Approved was a bid of $50 from Donna Moman for land not sold at tax sale located in Flint Ridge RV Park #2. The bid is for one lot in the park.

Highway cash for the month of August was approved as well as August blanket purchase orders. Each district will be receiving $73,732.24 that, according to Commissioner Crowder, is by far the best month the county has seen in a long time.

Renewed for the fiscal year starting July 1 is a hiring freeze for Delaware County employees through June 30, 2011. According to Commissioner Crowder, the county can replace employees, but cannot hire new personnel.

The next meeting of the Delaware County Commissioners will be held on Monday, Aug. 2, starting at 9 a.m. in the commissioners office of the Delaware County Courthouse