Information in the Delaware County Court Report is obtained from


 Timothy Ray Dooley, possess firearms after conviction or during probation

 Kevin Ray Smith, domestic A&B by strangulation against pregnant woman in presence of minor

 Heaher Leann Ogden, child endangerment


 Shaun M. Deason, failure to pay all taxes due to state

 Michael Eric Martin, failure to wear safety belt

 Archie Flynn, reckless conduct with firearm

 Cary Dwight Gifford, calling 911 with false alarm

 Larry Ray Sellers, assault and battery

 Don Jay Freeman, driving while suspended/cancelled/revoked

 Don Allen Ballard, driving under the influence of alcohol

 Civil Suits

 Discover Bank vs. Vickie L. Chisholm, money judgment over 10,000

 Liberty Bank of Arkansas vs. Paul Dennis Bowman, Sue Bowman, money judgment over 10,000

 BAC Home Loans Servicing L.P. vs. Ashley M. Hudgens, spouse if any, foreclosure & money judgment

 BAC Home Loans Servicing L.P. vs. Thomas Ford, foreclosure & money judgment

 Kevin Goodwin vs. Herman Bennett, quiet title

 Divorces Files

 Connie J. Stacy vs. Daniel J. Stacy

 Marisa D. Foreman vs. Heath A. Foreman

 Greg Heatley vs. Toi Heatley

 Protective Orders

 Jennifer Reece vs. Larry Walker

 Angela Kay Madden vs. Florentina Madden

 John L. Key vs. Dorothy F. Key

 Stephen Woolsey vs. Larry Sellers

 Dorothy Key vs. John L. Key

 Small Claims

 Elizabeth Willis vs. Carl B. Hughes, money judgment under 1500

 Jack Plumlee, Connie Plumlee vs. Port Carlos, Cindy Robertson, money judgment over 1500

 Grove Property Management vs. Travis Freeman, entry and detainer under 1500