Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

Two men in a bass boat were stranded on the lake Friday night when their boat lost power and became stuck in the mud flats near Blue Bluff.  A call came in Saturday at approximately 7:15 a.m. from a friend of the two men stating that they had lost power Friday night and drifted until hitting the mud flats.  They were stuck in the mud flats all night during a storm that produced thunder, lightening, hail and strong winds.

“We got as close as we could with Jason Littlefield, GRDA on the boat.  Then Littlefield waded the rest of the way, allowing the Cowskin boat to pull the stranded boat out safely,” said Cowskin Fire Chief Frankie Howerton.

No one was injured and the two boaters refused medical treatment.

“The boaters said they were fishing at Shangri La and heading back to Elk Creek when they must have taken a wrong turn and be came lost,” said GRDA Patrolman Jason Littlefied.  Littlefield and Scott Nelson responded on a GRDA patrol boat.

“The guys said they were cold and stuck out all night Friday when a storm came through,” said Littlefield.

Cowskin, Paradise Point and Seneca-Cayuga Fire Departments, GRDA, Bernice and Monkey Island Fire boats, Wyndotte and Quapaw EMS and were all call to find the boaters.  With very little battery left in a cell phone the boaters were able to call a friend for help.  After an hour or so of searching, Quapaw EMS was able to see the stranded boat from 202 Road.