JAY - Delaware County Commissioners handled agreements, claims, and road projects during their meeting Monday morning.

Commissioners approved a petition to place a section line road in Tia Juana town site, locally known as Lakeside Drive, into reserve status. According to legal council for the adjoining property owners, the road was platted before Grand Lake existed and the property has never been an actual county road. The reserve status will not allow them to build on the property and will remain in that status until such time as commissioners decide to open the road up for public use.

Sealed bids will be advertised including special projects for asphalt including Giggers Road, Allen Cemetery Road and #18 bridge. Bids will also be let for a used pumper truck for the Zena Fire Department.

In other fire department matters, officers were named that included Creighton Sanders and David Spencer as requisitioning officers, Tonya Kaiser and Darrell Pickup as receiving officers and Creighton Sanders as inventory officer at the Kansas Fire Department.

Oaks Fire Department named Vince Osburn and Chad Strong as requisitioning officers, Melvin Blossom as receiving officer and Danny Russell was named inventory officer.

In other matters Monday morning:

o An equitable sharing agreement and certification report for the Delaware County District Attorney's Office was approved.

o No bids were submitted on the replacement of the roof for the Delaware County Community Center.

o A tort claim submitted by John Howard Lewis for damages to a windshield will be turned over the county's insurance company.

o A work agreement on private property between District #3 and Dennis Bowman was approved.

o District #1 entered into a lease agreement with Grand Savings Bank for the purchase of a track hoe.

o A service contract agreement between the Delaware County Treasurer and Xerox was given the nod.

o A printer will be salvaged for the County Clerk's office.

o Funds in the amount of $200 was transferred for the Butler Fire Department from the maintenance & operation account into the travel account.

o Tabled for one week was a motion to approve a lease of land between the city of Bernice and District #1 to place salt sheds on City of Bernice property.

The next meeting of the Delaware County Commissioners will be held on Mon., Sept. 22 at 9 a.m. in the Commissioners Office of the Delaware County Courthouse.