Janet Barber

Grove Sun

GROVE – A Jay man landed in jail on DUI and drug possession charges after a traffic stop in Grove, according to reports.

Dustin Wade Brixey, 36, of Jay, was stopped by Delaware County Deputy Tracy Shaw after allegedly pulling in front of the officer in Grove on Saturday night, almost causing a collision.

Shaw pulled Brixey over for traffic violations including an expired tag. He noticed an alcoholic odor in the vehicle and when Brixey exited his pickup, Shaw noticed he was unsteady on his feet.

Brixey failed three separate field sobriety tests.

When Shaw told Brixey he was being placed under arrest for being under the influence, the suspect resisted and became argumentative, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Delaware County Sheriff’s Captain Ron Teel arrived and asked if Brixey would submit to the state’s sobriety test and the suspect told him no.

In the probably cause affidavit filed by Teel, it stated that Brixey reached into his pocket and threw a clear plastic bag away from his pickup.

Teel recovered the bag and discovered a substance that field-tested positive for marijuana.

A search of the vehicle resulted in an opened bottle of liquor.

Brixey was taken to the Delaware County Jail without further incident.

He could face possible charges of possession of marijuana, second and subsequent, driving under the influence of alcohol, transporting an open container of alcohol, resisting arrest and operating a motor vehicle with expired registration.

A background check revealed a prior conviction of possession of marijuana in 2008.

He has been released on a $2,816.00 bond.